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Aytas is the first official Ethanol importer and trader company in Turkey. Aytas's main product is Ethanol. Aytas is the registered ethanol trader company by Turkish Alcohol & Tobacco Market Inspection Department (TAPDK). Scroll down for export photos. Click on photos to view larger.

We have hiqg quality ethanols for comstic industry. All our ethanols corresponds EC110/2008 European Quality Syandarts and much more higher quality than EU specs. For cosmetic industry we have 2 way to export, by these ways you can pay lower taxes at your country.

1. Denatured Ethanol: We can add Denatonioum Benzouate (Bitter agent) in ethanol and when we mix it with bitter agent, it's invoice name changes as  Denatured Ethanol. Denatured Ethanol's custom tariff code is 22.07.20 and it has lower taxes because it is undrinkable and used in cosmetic and cehmical industry.  Also if you have special formulary then we can do special denaturation and we can add your chemicals, we can mabyfacture ethanol mixture with your chemicals. We can use your special chemicals for denaturing ethanols, like as for cooling luqids etc.

2. Base Perfume: Base Perfume  is a product that commonly used in cosmetic manufacturers for manufacturing perfume, air fresheners, hairgels, eau de colognes etc. Base perfume is the raw meterial of perfume and it contains ethanol and fragrance mixture. Difference from perfume is the content of the fragrance is lower than perfumes. Every 1000 liters aproxtimetly 3-5 kg of fragrance or essential oils. If you want we can mix your fragrances with our ethanols for manufacturing original smell perfumes. Your fragrance supplier can transit fragrances to our aegean free zone factory without any tax or we can copy your fragrances and we can add 3kg per 1000 liters and we can export invoice name as Base Perfume. We export in 1000 liters IBCs and every IBC can be have different smell of fragrance. By the adding fragrance invoice name will be Base Perfume and custom tariff code will be 33.02.90 or 33.03.00 By the way with these custom codes, you will pay lower taxes, lower controls, and ethanol and fragrance same time you will import at once.


Base Perfume in 1000 liters IBC




If you want we can manufacture eau de colognes or perfumes in 5 liters plastic jerry canned versions too.




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Base Perfume