Bize Ulasin

1. Aytas Head Office

          Aytas's head office is in Alsancak, Izmir, Turkey (Between Swiss Hotel and Hilton Hotel). The offices are our company's own property.


2. Aytas Aegean Free Zone Factory

          At Aytas Aegean Free Zone Factory, we do storage and denaturizing Ethanols with the advantages of the free zone. Our factory's area is 3800sqm, which is 2620 sqm covered. AFZ Factory building is Aytas's own property.


3. Aytas Izmir Ataturk Industry Zone Factory

          We built Aytas Izmir Ataturk Industry Zone Factory for storage of Ethanol and manufacturing some products. However due of the high trading volumes of Ethanol, we changed our company's strategy as stocking Ethanols at sea ports. The factory is our Aytas's own property.


4. Ports

          We rent tanks in sea port tank terminals to stock high volume Ethanol, especially in Izmir (Aliaga) and Izmit (Kocaeli).


5. Transportation - Our Vehicles

          Due to the high volume of the sales, mostly we are transporting ethanol with transporter companies.

Some of the different class of our company's own vehicles

We are exporting Ethanol in IsoTankContainers, TIR tankers, Truck tankers, IBCs.

Transportation of export photos are at bottom of products page.


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