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Mert Aydoğdu's original full name is Gokten Mert Aydogdu.

He born at Seydikoy Izmir dated at 01.01 and bred in Izmir too. His father side origin is Black Sea, Samsun (North side of Turkey) and mother side origin is Malatya (East side of turkey). Father side origin is Crimean Adyghe Shapsug Circassias, mother side origin is Malatya Arapgir Turks.

He began education with Qur'an lessons at neighborhood mosque when he was at grandfather's house at summer holidays. He began to read and write Quran in a short time. He started primary school early age because of his keen mind. After the first year of primary school, primary school teacher and primary school principal's examination he started to primary school early age. He graduated primary school at İzmir Agah Efendi ilkokulunda, middle and high school at Izmir Ozel Turk Collage. He graduated university from Pamukkale Üniversity as a degree of Mechanical Engineering. At university times he was the president of idealist organization. He structuring idealist organization at university and dominated by idealist org. After university he did master at Dokuz Eylul University, English International Relations.

After graduating from university he began to work at his family owned company. After his father's left of management because of his new job as president of Aegean Region Chamber of Industry, he improvement the small company to million dollars turnover company. In the management of him, his company has been the first official ethanol importer company at turkey. Later his company was the first ethanol importer company  to Turkey. Therefore he get pressure from Turkish government as Alcohol Monopoly to stop Ethanol imports and to change sector again controlled by Turkish alcohol monopoly and government. With the idealistic and American support he broke communist structure. After 2003 elections AK Party' government, it changed the governmental system and Turkish market system, as before it was the monopoly system. It has been changed as free market. For some reasons he had to go to USA at 2004. He lived in California 1 years and 1 year at NY, NJ. He came back to Turkey at the end of 2005.  At 2005 again he started to work at his family owned company. In 2006 his company get three awards, in 2007 two awards, in 2008 one award from Aegean Region Chamber of Industry.

 Because of his articles about his thoughts and ideas Turkish military were opened cases such as 301 and 318. (Breaking the militarial hierarchy at Turkish Military and alienating the Turkish nation from Turkish military).  All of his life, he didn't have any left mind or communist ideology. At his childhood he lived at Russia at communism time, he saw and lived in communism and he always be enemy of socialism, communism and militarism.

Currently he is doing master at Dokuz Eylul University as a English International Relations. He is also president at Aytas company and Council Member of Aegean Region Chamber Of Industry EBSO). Mert Aydogdu is members of  IKMIB, EBSO. Mert Aydogdu is single and speaks English and Turkish.

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